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Bacteria, Our Bodies, and Beer

Must be 19+ years.
Past event - 2018
14 May 6.00-8.30pm
O'Hanlon's Irish Pub 1947 Scarth St.,
Regina S4P 2H1
Sold Out!
Are we on the verge of a post-antibiotic apocalypse?  What would the world look like without antibiotics to treat bacterial infections?  Perhaps one could forget about these worries with a pint of your favourite craft beer?  But how does microbial life affect our favourite brew?  Find out more about bacteria, our bodies, and beer with insights from local researchers...

The Post-Antibiotic World

Jessica Minion, MD (Medical Microbiologist, Saskatchewan Health Authority)
Microbes have been evolving on earth for billions of years. Since the advent of antibiotics approximately 100 years ago, they have continued to evolve to meet this new human-made challenge. The development of antibiotic resistance has now become an established, well-described threat to modern healthcare. What are the drivers behind this evolution? Is there anything we can do to stop it? What will the world look like if we fail to respond?

Brewing Science: The "Craft" of Microbiology

Jordyn Bergsveinson, Ph.D. (Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Microbial Systems and Society, University of Regina)
Brewing, beer, and yeast require no introduction – they’re all part of humankind’s most ancient and favourite scientific process! But have you ever wondered what makes today's beer unique from the past? Or what other microorganisms are involved in making (or ruining) your preferred local craft? The world of brewing microbiology is a true “pint of science” – come learn about how brewing has impacted the evolution of science itself and your experience with modern craft!