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Emotion and Social Perception Evening

This event takes place on the first floor and does have step-free access.
Over 18s only
15 May 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Imperial Pub 54 DUNDAS ST E,
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How we perceive others and how we perceive ourselves plays a crucial role in our lives, but what are the process that allow us to do this? Join us to learn about the processes that lead to emotion and social perception. Our first talk will discuss what makes up the emotions that we feel and why we feel the way we do. Our second talk will explore how we are able to make judgements about others

Emotion, Cognition, and the Classical Elements of Mind

Prof William Cunningham (Professor, University of Toronto: Department of Psychology and Rotman School of Management: Marketing)
The scientific study of emotion faces a potentially serious problem: after over a hundred years of psychological study, we lack consensus regarding the very definition of emotion. Part of the problem may be the tendency to define emotion in contrast to cognition, rather than viewing both “emotion” and “cognition” as being comprised of more elemental processes. I will discuss a psychological constructivist perspective on emotion that suggests that emotions arise from the combinations of multiple processes, many
of which are not "emotion" specific.


Prof. Nicholas Rule (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto)

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54 DUNDAS ST E, Toronto 54 DUNDAS ST E, Toronto
54 DUNDAS ST E, Toronto 54 DUNDAS ST E, Toronto