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How Planets are Made, and the Big Bang

Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10.00pm
Moon Under Water Brewpub 350 Bay St,
Victoria V8T 1P7
Sold Out!
Planets have been discovered around other stars?! How were they made? How big is the universe? How old is it? What happened before the Big Bang? Come over to Pint of Science to hear all about it !   

Planets Under Construction: How to Study a Million-Year Process

Dr Nienke van der Marel (NRC Fellow at the Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre)
Exoplanets are everywhere! In the last 20 years, thousands of exoplanets have been found throughout the Milky Way. But if they are so common, why is it that we still don't know how they are formed? With the ALMA telescope we can now finally zoom into the birth cradles of planets: dusty disks around young stars. The spectacular images have given us new insights, but also raised many more questions regarding the process of planet formation...Come find out more in my talk!

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Big Bang but Were Afraid to Ask

Professor Jon Willis (Associate Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria)
How big is the universe? How old is it? What happened before the Big Bang? What exactly are we expanding into? The universe we live in is as big as anything gets, with big questions to match. That doesn't mean the answers have to be complicated though. Get straightforward answers to all of the above—plus bring some of your own!