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The (Ancient) Birds and the (Modern) Bees

Must be 19+ years.
Past event - 2018
16 May 6.00-8.30pm
O'Hanlon's Irish Pub 1947 Scarth St.,
Regina S4P 2H1
Sold Out!
Just how many types of bees are there in Canada and how important are they to the ecosystem?  What can fossilized tree sap teach us about dinosaurs and the evolution of feathers?  If you're interested in the birds and the bees...and beer...this evening is for you!  Join us to learn from local experts hailing from our own Royal Saskatchewan Museum...

Everthing You Didn't Know About Canada's Bees, and Were Afraid to Ask

Cory Sheffield, Ph.D. (Research Scientist and Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, Royal Saskatchewan Museum)
Canada has over 850 species of bees, though only a handful are getting attention with respect to conservation concerns, largely because of their direct connection to human well-being. Here, I will present a summary of the ecology, diversity, and conservation status of our native bees, demonstrating how important all of them are to ecological stability.

Amber: More than Just an Ale

Ryan McKellar, Ph.D. (Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology, Royal Saskatchewan Museum)
Amber, or fossilized tree resin, captures snapshots of ancient environments preserved in exceptional detail. Over the last seven years, amber deposits in places like Canada and Myanmar have given us our first glimpses of muscles, skin, and feathers from the Cretaceous. These new discoveries are preserved in 3D and with microscopic detail that are not available elsewhere. They have improved our understanding of what dinosaurs and ancient birds looked like, and how their feathers evolved.