Past event - 2018
14 May Door 7 PM / Event 7:30-9:30 PM
Ye Olde Orchard (downtown) 1189 Rue de la Montagne,
Montreal H3G 1Z2
What are artificial organs and how do they work? Come find out and listen to researchers developing an artificial pancreas as a treatment for people with Type I diabetes. Discover the potential benefits of artificial organs and what challenges face the use of this technology in order to improve the lives of many people.

Artificial pancreas, a new therapy for type 1 diabetes

Dr. Ahmad Haidar (Assistant Professor - Biomedical Engineering Department)
Type 1 diabetes is treated with life-long insulin-replacement therapy
The artificial pancreas is a medical device that automatically regulates glucose levels for patients with type 1 diabetes. It is considered the most promising therapy for type 1 diabetes and it has a great potential to improve patients’ quality of life. Want to learn more about this advanced therapy ? Join Pint of Science 2018.