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Where Does Our Food Really Come From?

Must be 19+ years.
Past event - 2018
15 May 6.00-8.30pm
O'Hanlon's Irish Pub 1947 Scarth St.,
Regina S4P 2H1
Where does our food really come from?  What does it mean to buy local?  How are Saskatchewan's food producers affected by severe weather and natural disasters?  Come discover the answers to these questions and more with local researchers providing their insights...

Localizing the Saskatchewan Food System: Do We All Agree?

Amber Fletcher, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Sociology & Social Studies, University of Regina)
Tracy Sanden RD, MPH(HP) (Senior Health Educator, Health Promotion, Population & Public Health Services, Regina Area, Saskatchewan Health Authority)
Saskatchewan is one of the most significant food-producing regions in the world, but our province still imports much of the food we eat. In this presentation, we discuss a research project that grew from Regina’s community food assessment and explores the barriers and opportunities for local food production and sales in Saskatchewan. Based on interviews and focus groups with 62 farmers and food industry representatives, we highlight some key findings and steps toward an action plan to bring the Saskatchewan food system closer to home.

Coping with Flood on the Ranch: Cut the Fences and Wish the Steers "Good Luck!"

Angela Culham, B.A. (M.A. Candidate, Sociology and Social Studies, University of Regina)
Agriculture continues to define rural Saskatchewan, and climate hazards not only threaten life and livelihoods, but also put stress on communities through impacting ranches and farms. My research focuses on the 2010 flood in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and looks at the social factors affecting capacity to respond to flood. Through interviews with community members, I examine common characteristics that influenced ranchers’ initial reaction to and subsequent recovery from flood. Recognition of these factors may lead to better planning across all levels of government.