Other events in Montreal (English)

Whispers from the Earth

Past event - 2018
14 May Doors 7pm - Event 7:30-9:30
McLean's Pub 1210 Rue Peel,
Montreal H3B 2T6
Once upon a pint, human being lived happily drinking beer on the blue planet. Come listen to the rest of the story and the whispers from the Earth to discover our beloved planet's dirty little secret!

Listen to the Story that Groundwater Tells

Mi Lin (PhD Candidate – Department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University)
Groundwater is an important resource in our planet but remains a mystery which has hardly been known or understood by human in many aspects. Over two billion people in the world rely on groundwater for drinking, irrigation, industrial processes, and overcoming challenges of climate change, but seldom have been able to confidently manage it. This talk will invite you to have a closer look into this mysterious resource and listen to what groundwater has to teach us.

What’s the deal with methane?

Professor Peter Douglas (Assistant Professor - Earth and Planetary Science at McGill University)
Methane is usually associated with fart jokes, but it is actually quite important both as a source of energy (good!) and as a greenhouse gas (bad!). Because of these good and bad characteristics, the relationship of methane with climate change is complicated. In this session we will hear all about this controversial gas including how warming the Arctic could cause huge bursts of methane to bubble out of lakes (definitely bad!).