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Caravel Brewery - Our Diverse Society

Bay #12 10221 15 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 0T1 (near Airport)
Past event - 2018
15 May 6:00 pm Doors Open
Talks start 6:30 pm
Caravel Craft Brewery Bay #12 10221 15 Street Northeast,
Calgary T3J 0T1
Our diverse society is made up of many different people with unique backgrounds, life experiences, and stories to tell.   Our lives are spent passing by other individuals, but do we ever take the time to know their story? How do we communicate together? Join us for an evening learning about Alberta’s history, language and behaviors. Learn from speakers: Autumn Eagle Speaker, Blackfoot Activist; Dr. Adam Murry, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary; and Dr. Darin Flynn, Associate Professor, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Culture, University of ...

Blackfoot: History and People

Autumn Eagle Speaker will discuss Blackfoot peoples' traditions and relationship to the land. She will speak about treaty importance and the history of the signing of Treaty 7 in relation to the completion of Canada.

Cultural programs for servicing the community

Adam Thomas Murry (Apache) has a PhD in applied psychology with a major in industrial-organizational psychology and a minor in research methods from Portland State University. He regularly serves as a consultant and program evaluator for Tribal agencies, Native-owned non-profit organizations, and academic programs that serve Native students. As an assistant professor at U of C, his research interests include on culturally responsive education, workforce development, disabilities services, substance abuse, prevention, and sustainability planning.

Language of Hip-Hop

Darin Flynn (uOttawa MA '95, UBC PhD '01) is Associate Professor of Linguistics—the science of human language. Research, teaching and supervision mainly in phonology—how humans arrange speech sounds into utterances—and in Canadian Indigenous languages—their analysis, documentation and revitalization.