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Charging the future with new battery technologies and sustainable energy sources

Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors: 7PM / Talks: 7:30-9:00PM
King's Head Pub, 120 king street,
Winnipeg R3B 1H9
 We all depend of batteries today. Be it to charge our phones or to drive our cars. However, what can be done to make batteries greener and more sustainable? Researchers will show you how is the technology evolving to make sure we have more time on and less time off.

A Win-Win Situation! Increasing Sustainability in Energy and Manufacturing by Targeting Cost

David Herbert (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Manitoba)
Efforts to combat negative environmental impacts in energy and
manufacturing through pricing pollution remains a politically and
economically sensitive issue, despite rising levels of atmospheric CO 2 and a
changing and increasingly unpredictable climate. To encourage investment
in environmentally friendly alternatives in the face of resiliently cheap fossil
fuels, technologies that make use of abundant and affordable materials and
produce value-added products using non-fossil sourced precursors are vital.
I’ll discuss our efforts to increase sustainability in solar energy.

New Batteries – Why so Many Breakthroughs Fall Through

Christian Kuss (Assistant Professor)
Batteries are crucial to modern daily life and with an energy transition from
fossil to renewable energies, their importance will only be rising.
Consequently, scientists are working feverishly to make them faster, more
powerful, safer, cheaper, and longer lasting. Breakthroughs are announced
on a regular basis, but rarely is a new technology holding up to its promise.
We will be discussing battery concepts, the difficulties in making batteries
that are better than the state-of-the-art, and what battery research is going
on in Canada and right here in Winnipeg.

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120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9 120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9
120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9 120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9