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Clean chemistry, fixing genes and the in between

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 7:00 pm Starts 7:30 pm Ends 9:00 pm
Ye Olde Orchard (downtown), 1189 Rue de la Montagne,
Montreal H3G 1Z2
Come join us for a fun night of exploring the future of both medicine and the chemical industry. We'll hear about advanced techniques in gene treatment, as well as the steps that are being taken to make our chemical industry greener, cleaner and more sustainable!

How to make the chemical industry more sustainable

Daria C. Boffito (Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal)
Chemistry is all around us. The chemical industry manufactures chemicals that are then applied in many sectors: pharmaceuticals, agri-food, cosmetics, plastics, coatings, cleaning products, just to cite a few. Though fundamental for society, the chemical industry struggles to maintain these production objectives while at the same time facing the environmental and social challenges, such as the need of cleaner and more efficient processes. In this presentation, we present paradigm-shift examples of sustainability in the chemical industry.

Future medicines: using synthetic DNA to target natural DNA errors.

Dan O’Reilly ( PhD student department of chemistry, McGill)
DNA is the genetic information storage facility at the heart of all life. When errors occur in DNA this leads to genetic diseases which have a devastating effect on patients and families. The first part of my talk will focus on how researchers use short synthetic DNA to target specific regions on a gene to provide treatments for diseases. The last part of my talk will take the use of synthetic DNA one step further with its use in removing the faulty gene altogether.

McGill Chemistry Outreach Group

McGill Chemistry Outreach Group (Graduate students, professors and staff from chemistry at McGill)
Our demonstrations include an equal mix of educational information and exciting chemical and physical reactions. We have a wide variety of content available that can be adapted to any age group, from kindergarten through CEGEP and adults. All of our demonstrations have a hands-on component and the public is welcome to participate!

Looking for more outreach groups from McGill? https://mcgill.ca/science/outreach/general-public

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