Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 7:00 pm Starts 7:30 pm Ends 9:00 pm
Propeller Brewery, 2015 Gottingen,
Halifax B3K 3B1
Are you read to dive in the ocean? Make sure to not forget your beer and your snorkel!

Tiny sensors for ocean-faring droids

Vincent Sieben (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Dalhousie University)
Increased utilization of the world's oceans has made it important for industrialized countries to actively monitor marine environments. The ocean, like many aquatic environments, is presently under-sampled both spatially and temporally due to current approaches to data gathering. Expeditions are manual and labour intensive, relying on highly-qualified crews and heavily-equipped ships that are essentially "labs-on-the-ocean" Instead, our lab aims to put the "lab-on-a-chip"

Sociality in Pilot Whales: does it matter if you’re family or friends?

Joana Augusto (Coordinator Ocean Gallery and Volunteers)
Take a glimpse into the social lifes of pilot whales. Learn if their social ties are based on how related individuals are to each other, of if there’s something else at play. Do adults babysit for their friends or family? You’ll also learn how researchers collect information to figure all of this out, and how rewarding and challenging it can be!

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2015 Gottingen, Halifax, B3K 3B1 2015 Gottingen, Halifax, B3K 3B1
2015 Gottingen, Halifax, B3K 3B1 2015 Gottingen, Halifax, B3K 3B1
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Listening to the marine animals

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