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Fighting the microbes in 2019

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:30 pm Starts 7:00 pm Ends 8:30 pm
21st Street Brewery, 243 21st St E,
Microorganisms are key to the fabrication of beer yet microbes are a major health concern. Discover how scientists are fighting microbes in 2019 while enjoying a drink.  

Stewardship with a Handshake

Justin Kosar (Department of Pharmacy, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatoon, SK)
Technology in health care is proliferating and given the ubiquitous use of smartphones amongst healthcare professionals, a novel platform for knowledge translation in antimicrobial stewardship has emerged. The purpose of our study was to assess the user engagement of the Spectrum mobile app and its impact on antimicrobial use. We will present data highlighting high uptake amongst healthcare professionals throughout
Saskatchewan, high user satisfaction and self-reported changes in antibiotic prescribing behavior as well as decreased antimicrobial use following implementation of Spectrum.

Impact of a Novel Antimicrobial Stewardship Mobile App on Antimicrobial Usage in Saskatoon

Shaqil Peermohamed (MD, MPH (Candidate), FRCPC, Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Saskatchewan, Physician Lead, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (Saskatoon), Saskatchewan Health Authority)
Approximately 30% of antimicrobial use in ICUs has been shown to be inappropriate, particularly due to prescribing therapy too broad in spectrum of activity. Handshake stewardship has recently emerged as a specific form of prospective audit and feedback, placing emphasis on collaboration and bi-directional feedback with de-emphasis of antimicrobial restriction and pre-authorization. We will present the results of our quasi-
experimental study and the impact of handshake stewardship rounds in an adult, medical-surgical ICU.

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