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From big to small: A look at our world

Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 7:00 pm Starts 7:30 pm Ends 9:00 pm
Hudson's Whyte Ave, 10307 82 Ave NW ,
Edmonton T6E 1Z9
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Come explore the human body and our planet while enjoying a drink

The Ecosystem of Stars in Galaxies

Erik Rosolowsky (Associate Prof. of Physics and Astronomy)
Galaxies are constantly evolving, even though our lives are too short to
notice the changes ourselves. I will talk about how stars live and die in a
galactic ecosystem, slowly changing their surrounding environment. In
particular, the gas in galaxies plays a key role in how galaxies evolve since
this gas is the raw material from which new stars are forged. I will conclude
by posing some questions we are currently seeking answers to.

Mountain pine beetles: what can we do about them?

Felix Sperling (Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta)
Red hillsides of dead pine trees have made the mountain pine beetle into
one of our most notorious insects. Combined with global climate change,
uncertain forest economies and fire risk, they are a powerful symbol of
ecological disaster. So can we stop these beetles? Or should we learn to
live with them instead?

The Lazy and the Crazy. The traits behind flight behavior in mountain pine beetle.

Victor Shegelski (PhD Candidate in the Sperling Lab at the University of Alberta)
Mountain pine beetle has been killing trees across Alberta, and scientists are trying to better understand their dispersal so we can reduce the damage they’re causing. By flying beetles on flight “treadmills”, we found that some fly non-stop, while others are lazy,
only flying short distances. In my research I focus on what makes a beetle lazy rather than a crazed marathon-flier. Turns out that there are several physical and genetic traits that are contributing to how ambitious a beetle is.

Frigid Fuel for Star Formation

Eric Koch (PhD Candidate in Physics)
Stars are extremely hot, but they do not start that way. In fact, stars form
from gravity collapsing extremely cold gas, just 10 degrees above absolute
zero. However, we do not know how the cold gas forms. I will discuss the
difficulties in finding the source of cold gas in galaxies and how the Milky
Way’s neighbouring galaxies, Andromeda and Triangulum, are helping us
unravel this mystery.

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10307 82 Ave NW , Edmonton, T6E 1Z9 10307 82 Ave NW , Edmonton, T6E 1Z9
21 May
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Exploring the human body

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