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He Said, She Said

22 May Starts 7:00 pm Ends 9:00 pm
Democracy, 202 Locke St S,
ON L8P 4B4
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Are women better at social thinking? Join Dr. Lyn Turkstra and graduate student Reihaneh Ahmadi to find out what research reveals about gender and social communication.

Are women better at social thinking?

Lyn Turkstra (Ph.D., Professor of Rehabilitation Science, Assistant Dean, Speech-Language Pathology I’m also a faculty member in the Neuroscience Graduate Program and a member of the Centre for Advanced Research in Experimental and Applied Linguistics (ARiEAL).)
Female superiority in all things social is a common stereotype in Western society, especially in regard to social communication. In this talk we will ask if current data support this stereotype, and consider implications for men and women with social communication disorders.

Are there gender difference in social cognition and communication?

Reihaneh Ahmadi ( MSc., Neurosicence )
During this talk we will provide a brief overview of the brain regions involved in social cognition and communication. We will be considering whether there are gender differences in these processes and what the implications may be for men and women who have traumatic brain injury.

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