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Humans and Environment

Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 7:00 pm Starts 7:30 pm Ends 9:00 pm
McLean's Pub, 1210 Rue Peel,
Montreal H3B 2T6
Humanity has sometimes been called “A Plague to Planet Earth”. We have modified the environment for our own purposes to obtain benefits from it. Yet there are still those who understand the imminent threat to the biosphere and strive to find sustainable environmental-friendly alternatives. Tonight, we shall hear about both, the bright and the dark sides of humanity, with respect to its impact on the Environment.

Bioplastics – The many shades of green

Karolin Dietrich (PhD Candidate in Bioresource Engineering)
Bioplastics can potentially eliminate plastic waste, human health hazards, and reduce petroleum dependency. But which bioplastics and production methods actually fulfil these criteria? And what is their realistic potential to capture a share of the global market? In this talk, we will identify the “lighter” and “darker” shades of green bioplastics.

Hivunikhavut – Our future: Stories of positive Arctic futures to guide today’s planning

Marianne Falardeau (PhD Candidate Department of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University)
The Arctic is warming more rapidly than anywhere else on the planet, causing several changes to the environment. Among these, loss of the Arctic sea ice cover opens new shipping routes and eases access to underground oil and minerals. These physical, ecological and social changes interact in complex ways, creating both challenges and
opportunities. How will these changes affect the marine ecosystem and coastal communities by 2050, and how can we build resilience? We explored these questions with a participatory approach that brought together Inuit, managers and scientists.

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1210 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3B 2T6 1210 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3B 2T6
21 May
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The Science of Climate Change

Unknown 6
1210 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3B 2T6 1210 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3B 2T6