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Microorganisms inside our Body

240 Sparks Street, Local C215, Ottawa, ON K1P 6C9
Second floor
Past event - 2018
15 May 7-9 pm
3 Brewers Sparks 240 Sparks Street, Local C215,
Ottawa, ON K1P 6C9
The microorganisms inside our body outnumber our human cells. There are 10 times more cells of microorganisms than human cells inside us. Join Pint of Science to learn more!

Islands of infection

Rees Kassen (Professor, University of Ottawa)
Island archipelagos like the Galapagos and Hawaii are known to be crucibles of evolution and biodiversity for plants and animals. Our bodies, like islands, serve similar roles for microbes.

Sepsis: The undercover killer you may not know about!

Olga Peña (Research Scientist - University of British Columbia)
Sepsis kills more people than breast, prostate cancer, and HIV/AIDS combined. Yet, many people have never heard of it.
What is sepsis? Who is at risk of developing it? How does it develop? Why don't we hear about it? Come and learn this and more at the Pint of Science :)