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Mysteries around the globe

Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7 PM - Event 7:30-9:30 PM
McLean's Pub, 1210 Rue Peel,
Montreal H3B 2T6
Let's travel and enjoy som fresh beers! Our speakers will reveal to you the secrets of bats around the globe and food insecurity management in Guatemala.

Uncovering diversity patterns of bats across the globe

Pedro Henrique Pereira Braga (PhD Candidate - Department of Biology at Concordia University)
One of the most interesting biological patterns is the uneven distribution of organisms across the globe. From these patterns, we may ask many questions: Why species live where they do? Why biodiversity changes from place to place? Why similar species are found close to each other in some places, but not in others? Here, we will explore these questions by looking at one of the most successful, dominating - and, probably, the most misunderstood - group of mammals: bats!

Participatory modelling and food security in Guatemala

Julien Malard (PhD Candidate, Bioresource Engineering Department at McGill University)
In Guatemala, very high food insecurity levels are persisting (50% children chronically malnourished), even though there are many governmental and NGO programmes on the issue. Why have things not improved over the past decade ? And can computer modelling help stakeholders find better programmes? We worked to help local stakeholders from Tz'olöj Ya', Guatemala build computer-based graphical models of social, economic, and environmental causes of food insecurity. We'll explore the adventure of building models with non-modellers and have a look at some of the insights gained on food security.

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1210 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3B 2T6 1210 Rue Peel, Montreal, H3B 2T6
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