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Mysteries of the Earth and the Human body

Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 5:30 pm Starts 6:00 pm Ends 8:00 pm
Jimbo’s, 920 Commissioners Rd E, London,
n5z 3j1
Do you agree with us that our planet and our body are fascinating? Come learn more about it while you enjoy a drink!

Peatland Dwellers: The Hidden World

Caitlyn Lyons & Matthew Meehan (Both graduate Students at Western)
Peatlands are important habitats, composed of unique flora and fauna communities. Although fascinating to study, little is known about their soil critters. These critters consist of mites and springtails. Although found in your very own backyard, there is more to be found in peatlands. Beneath the sea of green, lush moss, there is a hidden world of belowground peatland animals that we will explore together.

“The amazing journey of becoming you: a developmental bioloy perspective”

Danielle Spice (3rd year Ph.D. student, Kelly Lab, Biology Department)
Have you ever wondered how your fingers became fingers? How the bones in your spine knew exactly what type of bone to become? Have you ever wondered how an egg and sperm are able to become the over 200 cell types that encompass the trillions of cells that are currently in your body right now? At the end of the day, how do our cells go on this amazing journey of becoming you?