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Our body in the modern era

240 Sparks Street, Local C215, Ottawa, ON K1P 6C9
Second floor
Past event - 2018
14 May 7pm - 9pm
3 Brewers Sparks, 240 Sparks St Local C215,
Ottawa, ON K1P 6C9
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Join us in a fantastic journey inside our body, looking what our DNA sequence tells about us. Learn how computers can be used to diagnose diseases and look inside our body in the modern era. With DNA sequencing technology we can also track our origins and our maternal ancestry can be studied by looking inside Mitochondrias, the little power plants inside the cells. We will also discuss how novel diseases emerge when novel habits emerge. Curious to learn? Join us for a Pint of Science!!!

Mitochondrial Health: Why it is important to keep the ‘resident aliens’ within your cells happy!

Mary-Ellen Harper (Professor, University of Ottawa)
Come learn about the bacterial origins of mitochondria, the energy house of the cell. We will discuss the ways in which mitochondria provide energy, DNA and many other benefits to the cells of our bodies. The usefulness of maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA in the tracing the origins of human populations would also be described. The reasons why it is important to keep these ‘resident aliens’ happy/healthy within our cells (e.g., to minimize aging and disease development) will also be discussed.

Machine Learning: The Leader of the Healthcare Revolution.

Mathieu Lavallée-Adam (Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa)
Machine learning is a branch of computer science that allows computer programs to learn from large amounts of data how to accomplish complex tasks. Machine learning software can therefore be used to provide a diagnostic and identify the best treatment for a patient. In this presentation, we will show how machine learning technologies are currently changing the way health research is performed.

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240 Sparks St Local C215, Ottawa, ON , K1P 6C9 240 Sparks St Local C215, Ottawa, ON , K1P 6C9
240 Sparks St Local C215, Ottawa, ON , K1P 6C9 240 Sparks St Local C215, Ottawa, ON , K1P 6C9
21 May
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