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Physics for medical imaging

Past event - 2019
21 May 6:30 PM: Free tour of the Moon Under Water distillery
7:30 PM: Event starts
9:30 PM: End of the event
Moon Under Water Brewpub, 350 Bay St,
Victoria V8T 1P7
Sold Out!
Do you ever wonder what you were getting injected with, or why you have to lie down in a large tube when you go for a scan at the hospital? Come learn about some of these technologies and new advances by researchers from UVic! Make sure to come at 6:30 PM if you want a free tour of the Moon Under Water distillery!

Taking pictures of gold: multi-coloured x-ray imaging

Chelsea Dunning (PhD candidate at University of Victoria)
Think of an x-ray image. Isn’t it dull and grey? Wouldn’t it be better if we
could see colour in these images? What does colour in x-ray imaging
mean? Chelsea will describe her research on why she wants to find more
and more complicated ways to identify and locate materials (like gold)
inside your body.

Treating the micro with the nano: using nanoparticles in cancer treatment

Kyle Bromma (Medical Physics Graduate Student at UVic)
Instragam : bro_mma
Cells make up everything in our body, from our head to our toes, all working
together in harmony. Sometimes, those cells can can turn on us, forming
cancerous tissue. Radiation can be used as an effective method to combat
the cancer, but how can we improve it? Are nanoparticles the way forward
for not only treating patients, but curing them? In this talk, Kyle Bromma will
examine gold nanoparticles and their potential for improving cancer

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350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7 350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7
350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7 350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7
22 May
Sold Out!

The future of ground-based telescopes

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