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Robotics and Affective computing

1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Ottawa, ON K1S 5K7
Past event - 2018
15 May 7 - 9pm
Malone's Lakeside Bar & Grill - Dow's Lake, 1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr,
Ottawa K1S 5K7
Robots are cool, eh?! Can they explore the moon for us? Could computers develop emotional intelligence and interact with humans? There’s so much to be explored when it comes to robots and artificial intelligence! Let’s dig deeper into the technologies of today that can transform the world of tomorrow.

Engineering a self-replicating machine to colonise the Moon, solar system and the stars

Alex Ellery (Associate Professor, Carleton University)
Consider sending a single self-replicator to the Moon which proceeds to construct copies of itself from lunar resources. Within just 13 generations, we would have a population of over 2 million such units on the Moon which could be reprogrammed to construct other things like thousands of lunar habitats, spacecraft swarms, solar shields, solar power satellites, asteroid impact mitigators, outer solar system explorers, interstellar spacecraft, etc at minimal cost. This is not a technology of tomorrow, but of today. Hold onto your hats!

How can a machine understand human emotions?

Hussein Al Osman (Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa)
Humans communicate emotional information when interacting with machines. They express affects and respond emotionally during human machine interaction. However, machines, from the simplest to the most intelligent ones have conventionally been completely oblivious to emotional information. This reality is changing with the advent of affective computing technology which enables the development of emotionally intelligent machines. To realize such machines, the following question must be resolved: how can a machine understand human emotions.