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The Brain on Drugs

Past event - 2019
21 May Starts 7:00 pm Ends 9:00 pm
Democracy, 202 Locke St S,
ON L8P 4B4
What’s happening in the brain during addiction? Dr. Michael Amlung and PhD student Vanessa Morris will discuss what neuroscience tells usabout drug and alcohol misuse

What I’ve found from 85 brain scans

Vanessa Morris (PhD Student)
For the past three years I’ve been examining a piece of neural tissues called Intracortical Meylin (ICM) in the brains of those with and without substance and alcohol use disorders. I look forward to sharing what I’ve found with regard to diffrerences in ICM and neurocognitive

Using Neuroscience to Decode Addictions and other Mental Health Disorders

Michael Amlung (Assistant Professor, McMaster University)
Addictive disorders have a tremendous negative impact on Canadian society. Recent progress in the field of neuroscience has provided promising clues about the brain basis of these disorders and new targets for treatment. Dr. Amlung will share his experience using neuroscience techniques to unpack the neural basis of addiction and other psychiatric disorders. He will discuss how his lab combines behavioural research, neuroimaging, and brain stimulation to better understand addiction with the goal of improving treatment outcomes for this major public health issue.

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202 Locke St S, ON L8P 4B4 202 Locke St S, ON L8P 4B4
20 May

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