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Train your brain and excercise with your baby!

Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 5:30 pm Starts 6:00 pm Ends 8:00 pm
Poacher's Arms , 171 Queens Ave, London, On,
N6A 5J7
Train your brain and exercise with your baby or exercise your brain and train your baby! But first grab a beer!

“Protect Your Brain! The Benefits of Meditation and Exercise on the Brain”

Joyla Furlano & Sabrina Ford (PhD Candidate (3 rd year), Neuroscience / Master’s Student (2 nd year), Neuroscience)
Sabrina will discuss the neuroscience of meditation with a focus on cognition and older adults. Topics will include kinds of meditation, current neuroscience regarding meditation,
and Sabrina’s masters work investigating how meditation can improve cognition and brain health in adults aged 60 and older. Similarly, Joyla will discuss the neural and
cognitive benefits of exercise, with emphasis on how exercising in later life can help improve neurocognitive deficits associated with diabetes and dementia.

Mom and Baby Exercise Training: stronger with baby and stronger for life.

Stephanie Paplinskie (MA, CSCS, PhD student)
Physical activity is a primary tool to reduce weight for women in the postpartum period and can have physiological/psychological benefits. Despite its benefits, prior research has not examined the effects of combining aerobic/resistance training exercises with mothers after childbirth. Given that childbearing has been reported as a lifestyle factor that contributes to the development of obesity in women, my intervention incorporates babies and measures outcomes that affect, the mother/the child. My research seeks to understand the phycial/phsycological effects of “mom and baby” exercise

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171 Queens Ave, London, On, N6A 5J7 171 Queens Ave, London, On, N6A 5J7