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Our brain is our best friend, yet it loves to play tricks on us! And we are not referring to any alcoholic substance here ...

Sweet dreams are made of this: The origin, characteristics and impact of dreams

Joseph De Koninck (Professor Emeritus at University Ottawa)
What does 60 years of scientific study tell us about the nature and function of dreams? We will briefly answer the following questions: When do we dream? What do we dream about and why? What effects do dreams have? What are nightmares? Can we control dreams?

It’s the thought that counts! Thinking as both the cause and solution for anxiety disorders.

Allison Ouimet (Associate Professor School of Psychology University of Ottawa)
We all feel anxious from time to time - whether before an important test, speaking in public, driving in bad weather, or wondering if we said the wrong thing. However, only some people go on to develop anxiety disorders. This talk will focus on research highlighting that the way we think can make us anxious, keep us anxious, and also help us overcome our problems with anxiety.

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975 Bank St, K1S 3W7 975 Bank St, K1S 3W7
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975 Bank St, K1S 3W7 975 Bank St, K1S 3W7