Other events in Victoria

Vancouver Island: Humpbacks, Seismic Hazards

Past event - 2018
14 May Doors 7pm Event 7.30-10.00pm
Six Mile Pub, 494 Island Hwy,
Victoria V9B1H5
Join us to learn more about our beautiful region. During this Pint of Science event you will learn about humpback whales in British Columbia and seismic hazards in and around Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Big Gulp - the Humpbacks off BC’s coast

Jackie Hildering (researcher and educator, Marine Education and Research Society)
Presentation on Humpback Whales by Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) researcher Jackie Hildering. In addition to sharing MERS’ research on Humpback feeding strategies, Jackie will discuss how the fortunate return of these giants from the brink of extinction necessitates increased boater awareness about avoiding collision and what to do if entanglement is witnessed.

Know your Faults - Sources of seismic hazard in and around Victoria and Vancouver Island

Professor Edwin Nissen (Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair at the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria)
In this talk I will summarize the latest research on the three classes of earthquake that pose a major threat to Victoria. The first, is a "megathrust" earthquake that is often accompanied by devastating tsunami waves. The second is a smaller, but shallower earthquake that occurs on one of the network of crustal faults that criss-crosses southern Vancouver Island - The third, is one that occurs deep within the downgoing Pacific plate. We cannot predict when any of these earthquakes will strike, but we do know that their probability of occurring is 100% - given enough time !