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What epidemiology can tell us? Lessons from the past shaping the future

Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 7:00 pm Starts 7:30 pm Ends 9:00 pm
King's Head Pub, 120 king street,
Winnipeg R3B 1H9
Not too long ago we had tuberculosis keeping us awake at night. Treatments and strategies to contain the epidemics were scarce, but we have managed to control it. Today, many other diseases have appeared, but also many drugs have been made available. How do we decide what is the best strategy to use resources to save lives? How governments should look into data to make these decisions? Researchers will take you in a journey of what happens behind the scenes when an outbreak or a health crisis arise.

Bug Boxes and Bed Rest: Tuberculosis in the Era before Antibiotics

Stacie Burke (Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Manitoba)
From phthisis to consumption, through time and around the world, tuberculosis came to be known by many different names as tuberculosis bacteria moved among and between human populations. In Canada, the early 20th century saw the rise of the tuberculosis sanatorium. But what did these hospitals have to offer in the era before antibiotics? What insights can such past institutions provide on the tuberculosis experience given the WorldHealth Organization’s warnings of a possible 21st century “post antibiotic era”?

Hepatitis C: why should we treat it, how should we care?

Luiz C. Guidolin (Assistant Professor Department of Community Health Sciences, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences University of Manitoba)
Hepatitis C is a viral disease that attacks the liver and may take up to 20
years to start showing symptoms and to become fatal. It is said that baby
boomers, i.e. those born between 1950-1970, are at higher risk. Recently,
new drugs that can cure Hepatitis C have been released, but they cost a lot
of money. So the question we are asking is: how can governments afford to
treat everyone who needs these drugs? In this talk I will show how
mathematical models and computer simulations answer to this question and
can help shaping policies.

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120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9 120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9
120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9 120 king street, Winnipeg , R3B 1H9