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Sleep and stars

221 Echo Dr, Ottawa, ON K1S 1N1
Second floor.
Past event - 2018
14 May 7- 9pm
Royal Oak - Canal, 221 Echo Dr,,
Ottawa K1S 1N1
Sold Out!
"Sleep on it" - a phrase that will be more meaningful after this talk (but not during) when Dr. Fogel talks about how sleeping can help your memory (so we should all sleep more, right?) Followed by Dr. Salmaso who will talk about what the star-shaped cells (called astroglia) are doing to your brain. 

Better Sleep On It: How Sleep Enhances Memory

Stuart Fogel (Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa)
Dr. Stuart Fogel will present new findings from functional and structural human neuroimaging studies of neural oscillations (e.g., spindles), that advance our understanding of: 1) how sleep supports human intellectual functioning, and, 2) how sleep is involved in the transformation and reorganization of memory.

Age and sex- related decreases in neuroplasticity

Natalina Salmaso (Professor - University of Carleton)
Why is it so easy to learn a new language when we are young? Why does a younger person recover from injury more quickly? Learning and recovery from injury both require neuroplasticity, or the ability of our brain to change and adapt. My talk will explore some of the research we have conducted on how a group of cells in the brain show less neuroplasticity as we get older…​