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Beer 101: The Science Of Cheers

Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 7:30 pm Starts 8:00 pm Ends 9:30 pm
Wellington Brewery, 950 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph, ON,
N1K 1G2
Sold Out!
Cheers for science and beer.Note: We have arranged for a FREE bus to travel between the University of Guelph, Downtown, and Wellington Brewery. Pick up for ticket-holders will be at 7:20 pm (University of Guelph University Centre),  and 7:40 pm in front of Guelph City Hall. The bus will leave the brewery at 9:00 pm and drop off at Guelph City Hall and the University Centre.

Et Tu Brut? Brut IPA a betrayal of style or beauty of science?

Marvin Dyck (VP brewing and quality Wellington Brewery)
The science of beer is about the balance between 4 ingredients, water, malt, yeast
and hops. Flavour, aroma, mouthfeel and body are all impacted by altering these
variables. Tried and true recipes and styles have existed for centuries formulated
by brewmasters dedicated to their craft. So what happens when you add an enzyme
and it throws the whole balance of the beer universe off?

The Physics of Fizz

Joanne O’Meara (Professor & Associate Chair, Department of Physics)
From champagne to stout, bubbles are a key feature of many of our
favourite beverages. We’ll talk about the science behind their formation as
well as pour a few glasses to get a better understanding of how this science
is put into action. You’ll also get the chance to test out our bubble column,
so pop on by!