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From the past to the future of the Universe

Past event - 2019
20 May 6:30 PM: Free tour of the Moon Under Water distillery
7:30 PM: Event starts
9:30 PM: End of the event
Moon Under Water Brewpub, 350 Bay St,
Victoria V8T 1P7
Sold Out!
Let's travel back billions of years ago to the time that the Big Bang created .... Make sure to come at 6:30 PM if you want a free tour of the Moon Under Water distillery!

Our Universe: Days of future past

Mike Chen (PhD Candidate in astrophysics at the University of Victoria)
The existence of the Universe beyond our own Milky Way was only
discovered less than a century ago. Since then, our understanding of the
Universe has expanded exponentially. Not only have we uncovered our
past tracing back to the Big Bang, we have also learned a great deal of our
future with the discovery of dark energy. In this talk, we will take a quick
look at these discoveries and what they say about the fate of our Universe.

From atom to alien: the Universe as a chemistry lab

Nienke van der Marel (Research fellow at NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics center.)
We are made of star-stuff! Everything on Earth consists of molecules, which
are built out of atoms. What is the origin of these elements in the Universe?
What molecules can we find in the regions where stars and planets are
forming? How is it even possible that molecules can form in those extreme
environments of cold and emptiness? And how can we even observe those
molecules? In this talk Nienke will take you on a tour through the very
exotic chemistry lab in the Universe and tell you how we study

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350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7 350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7
22 May
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The future of ground-based telescopes

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350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7 350 Bay St, Victoria, V8T 1P7
21 May
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Physics for medical imaging

Atoms 32 Waves and Particles