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Kelp and Earth history

Past event - 2019
20 May 7:00 PM: Doors open
7:30 PM: Event starts
9:30 PM: End of the event
Sticky Wicket, 919 Douglas St,
Victoria V8W 2C2
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The Earth has many secrets that scientists are trying to reveal, and it needs our help to preserve her beauty.

Reading rocks: Earth history

Mariko Cappello (MSc student at UVic, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences)
Rocks are like the pages of a book: they tell us a story. Rocks can give us a
lot of information if we only learn how to "read" them. Stratigraphy is a
discipline that studies rock layers, enabling to tell their story by
reconstructing sequences of past events. Different tools can be used to
gather the clues recorded in the rock record and to use them to understand
what happened in the past.

Help the kelp… and kelp can help you!

Lynn Lee (Marine Ecologist, Gwaii Haanas Parks Canada)
Do you like salmon and seafood? How about ice cream, salad dressing and
beer ? YES?! Well, you like kelp! Kelp is home to marine species and used in
many delicious foods. But kelp is in trouble. Warming oceans, pollution,
coastal development, loss of top predators, are all hard on kelp. That’s why
the Haida Nation, Canada and partners are restoring a kelp forest in a little
corner of Gwaii Haanas. Find out what we are doing, why kelp matters and
how you can help kelp!

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919 Douglas St, Victoria, V8W 2C2 919 Douglas St, Victoria, V8W 2C2
919 Douglas St, Victoria, V8W 2C2 919 Douglas St, Victoria, V8W 2C2