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The Power of Science & Community

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:00 pm Starts 6:30 pm Ends 8:00 pm
Red Brick Cafe, 8 Douglas St., Guelph, ON,
N1H 2S9
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Let's discuss about the science community with a beer in our hands

Social Enterprise as a Tool for Combatting Food Insecurity

Becca Clayton (Community Outreach Coordinator at the SEED)
Over 20,000 people in Guelph and Wellington can’t afford healthy food. Let’s talk about what food insecurity looks like in our community, and how we can all take more collective ownership to make sure that everyone has access to good food. We will chat about The SEED Community Food Project and how we are using social enterprise to include everyone in reducing food insecurity in a dignified and community led way.

The importance of public values in science

Kieran O’Doherty (Associate Professor in Applied Social Psychology, University of Guelph)
Science occurs in a world of conflicting interests, unequal opportunities, and
diverse values. Scientific developments offer benefits that may be
accessible to some people, inaccessible to others, and even harmful to
some. For this reason, it is important to involve members of the public from
all walks of life in decisions relating to funding and development of
controversial science. In this presentation, I discuss the importance of
identifying values embedded in science and how to obtain meaningful public
input in science.