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The transportation of tomorrow

Past event - 2019
20 May 7:00 PM: Doors open
7:30 PM: Event starts
9:30 PM: End of the event
Phillips Brewery, 2010 Government St ,
Victoria V8T 4P1
Transportation can be a big issue for our planet.  Come find out what local researchers are doing to make the transportation of tomorrow greener.

Slowing ships reduces underwater noise in critical killer whale habitat

Alex MacGillivray (Senior Scientist, JASCO Applied Sciences)
The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority recently carried out a voluntary vessel
slowdown trial in Haro Strait to reduce underwater noise in Southern
Resident Killer Whale critical habitat. During the trial, JASCO collected over
2700 ship noise measurements on three underwater listening stations.
Approximately 60% of commercial ships voluntarily slowed down during the
trial, and we found this significantly reduced their underwater noise
emissions. Noise reductions from the trial improved habitat quality for
endangered killer whales in Haro Strait.

Clean Vehicular and Marine Transportation – Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

Zuomin Dong (Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering and Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, University of Victoria)
The presentation will first review the historical developments of various
clean transportation technologies and summarizes their environmental and
societal benefits. The talk will compare the nature and core technologies of
pure electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and hydrogen fuel cell
electric propulsion systems. Using examples of industrial efforts and
research of the UVic Clean Transportation teams, the talk will discuss the
challenges in developing these advanced technologies and promising
technical solutions.

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2010 Government St , Victoria, V8T 4P1 2010 Government St , Victoria, V8T 4P1
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2010 Government St , Victoria, V8T 4P1 2010 Government St , Victoria, V8T 4P1