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Tuesday is the smartest day of the week: the chemical brain

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 7:00 pm Starts 7:30 pm Ends 9:30 pm
The Pint, 455 Abbott St,
V6B 2L2
Our brains are complex mix of chemical and electrical circuits that allow us to see, hear and feel. Join us for an evening of learning how we decode and visualize all of this information!

Your brain on electricity

Amy Smith-Dijack (PhD candidate (UBC))
Electrical signals are an important part of how brain cells communicate with each other, and part of my job is recording those signals and figuring out what they mean. In this talk I'll tell you how I and other researchers do that, how we figured out that this was important, and what this could mean for our medical and technological future.

When a radioactive brain provides answers to life questions

Doris Doudet (Professor, Department of Medicine/Neurology UBC)
Positron emission tomography, through the use of minute doses of radioactive tracers, allows us to look inside your brain chemistry... and you won’t feel a thing! My talk will introduce you to the concept and uses examples from my research and others to image how we can dissect the brain without even touching it and what it can tell us.

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455 Abbott St, V6B 2L2 455 Abbott St, V6B 2L2
455 Abbott St, V6B 2L2 455 Abbott St, V6B 2L2