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Whale Disentanglement and Bird Tracking in BC

Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7pm Event 7.30-10.00pm
Six Mile Pub, 494 Island Hwy,
Victoria V9B1H5
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Come join us to learn about whale disentanglement and bird tracking research in British Columbia. 

Rescuing BC’s gentle giants: untangling whales and other efforts

Dr Paul Cottrell (Marine Mammal Coordinator for Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Recent years have seen an amazing upturn in the number of large whales being seen in BC waters.However, the flip side of this amazing conservation success story has been that these animals are now having to deal with sharing their marine habitat with human activities that sometime pose a risk to their very survival. Paul will outline some of the work he does with DFO and the marine mammal stranding network to help rescue whales that find themselves in distress from a variety of causes such as entanglement in fishing gear and live stranding.

Tracking Birds - Now and Then: What Have We Learned and Why is it Important ?

Daniel Donnecke (co-chair of science committee, Rocky Point Bird Observatory)
Many bird species migrate from wintering areas to the breeding grounds and some cover astonishing distances. How can we track these migrations and why is it important? Learn how the banding and tracking of birds has evolved and how it has lead to a much better understanding of the full life cycle of many bird species that is essential for effective bird conservation.