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Whispers from the Earth

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open at 6 pm
Speakers start at 6:30 pm
Citizen Brewery Company, 227 35 Ave NE,
Calgary T2E 2K5
The Earth has many secrets to reveal us. Come enjoy a drink and explore the ancient forest and the wild fish world. 

Where the Wild Fish Are

Ariane Cantin (Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary)
Native freshwater fish face threats related to destruction of habitats, invasion by exotic species and over harvest by anglers. With so many lakes and rivers to monitor, how should fisheries biologists navigate these troubled waters? I’ll take you on a quest to identify wild fish populations and explain how we can prioritize conservation initiatives to support wild fish stocks while still encouraging people to go outside, get close to nature and catch fish.

Reconstructing Ancient Forests using Data Buried Underground

Andria Dawson (Assistant Professor of Mathematics Department of General Education Mount Royal University)
Forests play an important role in the Earth System, yet we still don’t understand how they respond to changes in climate- especially over longer timescales. Both mathematics and evidence left behind by ancient forests buried in the mud can help us address this problem. This evidence is what is known as paleoecological data- plant material preserved underground. This talk will describe this data buried underground, and how scientists use this information to learn about both the history and the future of the forests on Earth.

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227 35 Ave NE, Calgary, T2E 2K5 227 35 Ave NE, Calgary, T2E 2K5
20 May

Into the Wetlands

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227 35 Ave NE, Calgary, T2E 2K5 227 35 Ave NE, Calgary, T2E 2K5
22 May
Sold Out!

A Gut Feeling

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